OLAP Cube Value Discrepancy

Last Post 15 Nov 2007 11:10 PM by sugumarh. 0 Replies.
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15 Nov 2007 11:10 PM
In my environment we are maintaining 10 database for data warehousing. For processing cube we run the DTS jobs, in which the cubes are processed. Daily we need to check the data in the cube values and run the query to check the database records are same.

Some days before we found for a particular date 2 records less in the cube values (in cube using aggregate function to get the total records) when comparing with the total records which we got from the query i run directly in the SQL Server(Query Analyser). After few days, some DTS jobs were run properly, got the message "Waiting for the worker thread", then i restarted the server. I processed all the cubes manually, then the discrepancy were not there (means that the total records from the query which i run directly in query analyser and the total records in the cube are same for that date).

Can anybody tell what could be the reason for that..??

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