need help by calculated member, mdx

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08 Mar 2005 02:58 AM

i have a cube with 'Time' as dimension (Year, Month) and 'Amount' as measure.
in a cube are momently records from January 2000 until February 2005.
i would like to compare the amounts per dynamic part of each year, therefor i neet to summarize now January and February for each year and if in the db will appear records for March 2005 than summarize January, February and March for each year. i hope this is clear.
i tried to solve this problem with a calculated member, this is my code:

IF([Time].CurrentMember.Name <= [Time].[2005].LastChild.Name, Sum({Ytd(Time.CurrentMember)} , ([Measures].[Amount])),0)

it would work with the keys from the members, but i don't know how can i get access on that keys. i tried to convert CurrentMember.Name to an integer, but that didn't functioned.

have anybody an idea, how one can solve this problem

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05 Apr 2005 08:22 AM
Try this function :


and have a look this link :

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