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07 Nov 2005 05:23 AM
I am looking to modify an existing cube that monitors stock movements.

I would like a 2nd opinion on my design options.

The base is a SQL query but I have 2 options on the design of the query which will effect the design of the cube:-
Create measures for each stock movement event e.g.
Sales Qty, Value etc
Stock Qty, Value etc

There would be at least 16 measures created with this design.

Or create a Type field containing each movement event e.g. sales, transfers, build a dimension of the values of the Type field and have two measures Quantity and Value.

The query would generate approx 40 million records, the existing cube takes approx 1½ hours to process. I would like to try and maintain the processing level as best as possible.

Which design method is the most appropriate?

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