composite rights using msas dimension security

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11 Oct 2004 01:53 AM

In my sales cube I have about 10 dimensions: vendors, materials, managers, stores etc.
Generally, users needs to view information from one dimensions. So, using the role manager, I easily configure via custom dimension security.

Examples (2 different users ):

User No 1 views information only about vendors: "Sanitex", "Unilever".
User No 2 views information only about stores: "Store No 300" and "Store No 555".

my problem is:

user No 3 is a head of users 1 and 2. he would like to see information about vendors ("Sanitex" and "Unilever") or (stores no 300 and store no 555).

Is it possible to implement such composite security?? Have anybode some experience about that??

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14 Oct 2004 06:45 AM
You can create role1 that includes user1 in its “Users List“ property.
You can create role2 that includes user2 in its “Users List“ property.
Now if you include user3 in the “Users List” for role1 and role2 he will have permissions defined for both roles.
I hope that I understand your question.

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