Cube Processing using DSO

Last Post 06 Sep 2004 08:35 PM by niconel2000. 2 Replies.
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31 Aug 2004 12:23 AM

As far I know one can only use DSO to process a cube from within a VB app (I use .Net).

I do this as follows:
1) Declare a DSO Server, Database and Cube
2) Set and Connect the dso.Server, set the database and then the cube
3) Call Cube.LockObject (locktype, my message)
4) Call .Process( processtype) .... here's my problem and I'll come back just now.
5) Unlock the cube and destroy the variables

When one do things like this, your application freezes up and there's no way to let the user know how much longer the process will take. Also the process seems to take a great deal longer than when using analysis server's functionality.

How can one "break up" the process like Analysis Server's cube processing? Should I rather process each dimension seperate?

I actually started looking for a way to decompile and look at Analysis server's code!!! Know it sound crazy, but dunno how????????

Kind Regards!
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06 Sep 2004 07:59 AM
From my experience, processing a cube using DSO code takes exactly the same time as processing it using Analysis Manger. Is it possible that you do a full process with DSO vs. incremental using AM ?

Breaking-up a cube processing that happens in the background is possible only with stopping the OLAP service ...

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06 Sep 2004 08:35 PM
Thanx Elad,

I'm currently finalizing functionality of other applications, and will read a bit more into what process types will be the best to use in our given scenario.

Also thought about trying to process the cube in a seperate thread, and create some kind of progress bar that just run back and forth while doing so.


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