Calculated Measure show infinite in Excel

Last Post 11 Jan 2005 05:53 AM by james.hull. 0 Replies.
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11 Jan 2005 05:53 AM
I am using a virtual cube through Excel that divides one measure in one cube with another in a second cube as a calculated measure. In some cases, this results in an infinite result in an Excel PivotTable in certain cells, which do not appear when browsing the cube through the Analysis Services Manager. E.g. a piece of data which should return 0.10% if you calculate it manually, and does so in the AS browser, appears infinite (or 1.7+E308) in Excel.

Drilling down reveals no underlying problem, and changing the dimensions arounds just reveals more infinite cells.

Is this a problem with my data, the data cube, Excel, Analysis Services or something else?


James Hull

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