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Last Post 25 Jul 2006 08:06 AM by lmf232s. 1 Replies.
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25 Jul 2006 05:15 AM
Currently we have a database set up that was installed by a program called SalesLogix. We are no longer using this application and are in the process of coping what few tables we do use from this application to a new DB.

That being said 1 of the problems that im running into is that when this application SalesLogix was installed, it had its own call to create the next unique id for the record (slx_DBids(TableName, 1) ). Im not sure how it creates this unique id but there is no SP that it uses and seems to be no table that stores the information.

The numbers have a format that looks like this (QuoteMain = Q6UJ9A0039KE, COntact = C6UJ9A000M2N, Account = A6UJ9A0003BW, etc) of which each table gets its own unique Id.

Since i will no longer be able to call this to get the next id i ask how should i proceed so that the current records will merge with the new records. The datatype of the id is a char, and i have no idea on how to continue.

Im looking for some guidenance on what i should do.

Should i keep this DB and copy my current tables into this DB just so i can continue to use this slx_DBids(Tablename, 1) call?

If i do copy the tables what kind of unique id can i use that will fit the current char datatype and continue to give me a unique id?

Should i create a new column in the tables and recreate a unique id for all of them?

Should i create new ids for all the tables and then go through all the tables and update the id that was created by this call with the new id that i create (IMO this opens the door for a margin of error)?

Again i have never faced this problem so im a little clueless on how to proceed.

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25 Jul 2006 08:06 AM
russell, well how do you do?

I wish it was as easy as finding it in the DB but i dont think its going to happen.
I did as your recommended with no such luck. I then googled it and this is what i found.

SalesLogix 6 offers a cool new way to generate new IDs. No longer will you call DBCreateIDFor, now it comes in the form of a database stored procedure named "SLX_DBIDS". This is one of the many new internal procedures offered by the SalesLogix provider. It is not really a stored procedure. You will not find it looking at the database using SQL Enterprise Manager, it is a procedure that is intercepted and run within the provider to generate a new ID

Heres the web site i found this at if your interested

So now what?

What i started to do was this (this is in the test environment).
I added a new identity column, int datatype, Identity = Yes, Seed & Increment = 1.
I was then going to add a new column to the tables that have a reference to this identity.
Then i was just going to do an update, basically

Update Table
Set NewIdentityColumn = NewIdentityNumber
Where OldIdentityColumn = OldIdentityNumber

Off the top of my head there might be around 10-15 tables that i will have to update.

What do you think about this approach.

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