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16 Oct 2008 04:07 AM
After a couple of years of in house Dev making .NET Web/Desktop tools connected to SQL Server 2005, we have reached the point with 6 developers that projects need to be merged and source control needs to be implemented.

I am trying to work out what to purchase. The Visual Studio Team system looks good, but very expensive.

With 2 SQL , 2 Web and 2 Desktop developers, (web/desktop devs also have to do SQL dev to support their apps) I can't work out wether Team Foundation server with VS Studio 2008 Pro clients will suffice, or wether I have to get VS Team system editions at the client.

If you are a web developer, and have a database on the back end of your web app do you need the edition for web AND database professionals?, so you end up getting the suite?. which applies to 4 of my devs.

All systems built talk to the same set of 3 databases, however we use naming conventions to seperate peoples work. So the Source control of the 3 DBs needs to be accesible to all 6 devs.

The cost is now huge, and we are only a small team so it seems overkill.

Has anyone gone the Foundation Server route with this kind of team ?

Does VS Pro, allow you to take control of SQL SPs,Schemas etc etc or is it only the Team Client?

The Foundation Server /VS Pro route seems perfect for the .NET web & Desktop route, I'm just baffled how I use it in the SQL environment.

Any guidance/links to reading material would be greatly appreciated. Microsoft Presales Support told me to ask my Reseller (Insight), and they don't know enough detail to help me.
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24 Oct 2008 07:36 AM

Originally posted by: AndyUK
The cost is now huge, and we are only a small team so it seems overkill.

If you don't have deep pockets, you may have to settle for practical solutions and workarounds.

Can you list what is mandatory?

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