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19 Jun 2009 10:52 AM
I'm acquiring a mailing list with over 1,000,000 records, in over 50 CSV files (by state, I think). I expect to be modifying the list myself -- adding fields, adding & changing records -- as well as periodically acquiring updates from the original source. I'll be using a remote SQL Server 2000, accessing it either by web programming or my local SQL Server Management Studio.

I have 2 questions.

1) Am I better off dumping all the data into one huge SQL Server table, or having a table for each CSV file?

2) If I use 50 parallel tables, how do I structure a query to look at the same field in the different parallel tables -- in other words, that would create a virtual table that would combine the data from the parallel tables, so that I could then filter by the Annual_Sales field, for example, and have it look at this field in all the separate tables as a collective?

(Occasionally I've had other situations where I wanted to deal with parallel tables, so I'd appreciate an answer to the second question even if you think 50 parallel tables are unnecessary and nuts.)

Thank you!
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04 Sep 2009 12:09 AM
As gunneyk indicated, single table solution is the best.

You can use DTS (SQL Server 2000) packages to do the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tasks.

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