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22 Apr 2008 05:28 AM
Hello from Italy....
From the reader to reader section InstantDoc ID 96787 by Bill McEvoy, He states that using the stored procedure sp_Query2File with its parameters will produce a TXT file from a sql statement that query the database.
I used the OSQL methodoly taken from the stored procedure by hand from the command line, and produced the text files.
When I tried to use a CA-Clipper application to read the TXT file, those files seem to be quite other type of file. Using an advanced text editor, from the menu I chose Convert To DOS, and the files were ok.
Since the problem only shows when I use a DOS program, what sort of option should I use to make those (TEXT files..!!! if they really are ...) readable from any DOS program.

Thank you very much
Oscar Lagatta

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