should ask the (silly) question first.

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26 Oct 2006 05:49 PM
Hey all,

I guess before I go into the main details. I should ask the (silly) question first. Here goes.

Can an SQL query be written to
select all records from a table in a db on a local server ... then
insert(ed) into a table in a db on a remote server ... and update(d).

Here let me say, all is connected and working fine.

I can connect and manage the dbases from the following...

SQL Server Management Studio

Visual Web Developer 2005

and last ( and definitely least)

my host sql administrator manager.

I have been attempting to structure a query in VWD to accomplish the above.

I have all pertinent info concerning both local and remote server as I can open and modify datarows in each table.

And Yes. I can manually copy and paste records from local to remote database.

But there has to be a quicker way ... (I know science has progressed that far

Anyway, if any knows the syntax for a query to accomplished this (if it is possible).

I would be soooo happy ... oh yeah, and swear eternal loyalty.

best regards,

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26 Oct 2006 07:04 PM
You can either link the servers or use DTS (or SSIS if you're using 2005). Look those up in the help file Books Online.
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02 Nov 2007 02:36 AM
If the data volume low, you can setup the remote server as a linked server and access it by using four-part addressing: ServerName(or IP).DatabaseName.dbo.TableName .

All SQL is the same as within the database.

For volume transfer, as recommended by the previous writer.

Kalman Toth, Database Architect
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