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Last Post 11 Apr 2005 10:38 PM by sarcophilus. 0 Replies.
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11 Apr 2005 10:38 PM

1) I am currently in the process of importing some data from a SQL database to an Excel sheet.
This works very nicely with the "Get external data" function.
However, the returned data gets in the excel sheet as columns, where we would like it presented as rows.
I can change it to rows, but then it gets changed back if the data is updated. This is very annoying.
Does anyone know how I can return data from SQL server into excel where each column gets in a row in Excel?

2) Also, we would like it so that when the data is updated in Excel, they could get updated in the database.
I know this should be possible, I just have not figured out how. Does anyone know?

Thank you!

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