Cannot connect to local instance from EM (Cannot generate SSPI context).

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30 Jan 2007 05:08 PM

I'm having a trouble with my SQL server 2000. I use Windows 2000 advance server SP4 and SQL Server 2000 sp4.
Sometimes i recieved "Cannot ganerate SSPI context" when i open enterprise manager and trying to connect to (local) instance of SQL Server.
If i restart the OS, it works just fine, but after a while it will happend again (the error).

Some website said that it's because of the domain.

At first, i use DNS from my ISP to connect the serverto the internet:
And i use IP:
subnet mask:
And default gateway:
I use the gateway to connect to the internet.

So my Sql server computer is connected to a gateway, and other computer that using the sql also connected to the gateway.

I've tried the tips from the kb/811889 article, except for the Active directory
because i didn't use Active Directory, and i use

Now, i've change my setting (IP) to:
IP =
Subnet mask = (so other computer on my network can access this server)

But recently, i tried something and i got one step further on this issue.
By the time i cannot connect / open the Enterprise Manager from local (i open the EM from
the server itself), all of the client CAN / able access the database from remote.

And if i change the setting in the Client Network Utility, the error message that
i got also change.
If i use TCP/IP, the error is "Cannot generate SSPI context."
If i use the Named Pipes, the error is about cannot Connect()).

I know that EM is considered as client application by the SQL Server (so it must connect
using client setting), but what happen to Shared Memory? Because i access the EM from the
server itself not from remote.


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