cool new tool for SQL developers\admins now available

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02 Jun 2004 08:21 PM
Hello All,
I wanted to bring to your attention a new utility that I wrote. It enables you to search for DB entities (tables, stored procedures, etc…) Across databases and across servers. Among the options, You can search by string to be found in a stored procedure code, utilize full regular expressions, and even do a bulk search and replace of names - something that Enterprise Manager doesn’t provide and yet is sometimes desperately needed.
Follow this link to download your own copy: (Just provide your name and email)
Its still in beta stages and I am not selling it yet. If you download, use it and Discover bugs or come up with an interesting feature idea, you will earn your own free copy of the ‘gold’ version of the product when it becomes commercially available

Any questions please contact us at:

Thank you

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