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27 Jun 2007 11:46 PM

I am using SQL 2000 and have a stored procedure that loops through a of range mobile numbers checking to see if they exist before insert, the procedure works fine without the check;

FROM wbMcd

but nothing seems to happen with it in place. I asked via another forum if I had missed something in my procedure but somebody said it looked fine and to run the ASP page through SQL Profiler. I am fairly new to SQL and although I have used QA I have never used SQL Profiler.

When I went in SQL Profiler I didn't (don't) have a clue where to start, if somebody could either walk me through how to check an ASP pages call to an SP or point me to an article which explains how to do it I would be greatful.

Many thanks
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17 Jan 2008 01:45 AM
Is the stored procedure working from Query Analyzer? Check with your DBA.

Your DBA should be able to do SQL Profiler as well, although that may not be necessary.

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