DB Versioning Tools and Approaches

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21 Jun 2005 01:35 AM
In our company we have a fairly complex database that is part of an application that has been installed at a few different clients. Thus far our version control and patching has been lax, consisting primarily of periodic backups and examing a client's existing database and applying the necessary scripts by hand to bring it up to date. Up until we had five or so installations to maintain with few changes to apply this method was acceptable, even if it was rather slip shot.

We would like to increase the accuracy of our patches and we have been reviewing a few different products and approaches to database version control. The main problem with most of the products is that they do little more than keep a database of your scripts for you. The only product we have seen so far that seems to be a cut above the rest is this one, but at nearly $1,000 per developer we are looking into other more economical approaches.

One method that has been recommended is using Source Safe or CVS to manually keep track of the CREATE and ALTER scripts necessary to build the database from scratch or update an existing installation. This is a more labor intensive approach, especially if you need to make major changes, but in the end provides the most control.

I'd be interested to hear about your experiences or any products that you have used that have been helpful.

Thanks, Jason
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28 Jun 2005 11:31 AM
Source Safe Integrated SQL Query Analyzer, new alegant tool by Softsmartinc.com:

In March of 2004 we had a vision about a software product that would allow us developers to seamlessly work with stored procedures using SQL Query Analyzer, without the need to open a separate Microsoft SourceSafe session. After over 1 year of development and beta testing, our vision has become a reality, and we bring you SQL Source Safe.

What is it? SQL Source Safe is not like any other SQL utility product out there. Many of the other SQL utilities reinvent the wheel and force developers to use their own proprietary query analyzer. However, our SQL Source Safe product allows developers to use Microsoft's Query Analyzer to check out/in stored procedures into Microsoft SourceSafe directly through the Query Analyzer's Object Browser. This provides a tremendous advantage for those of us accustomed to using Microsoft Query Analyzer, given that we don't have to learn a new interface in order to obtain Microsoft SourceSafe integration.

How it works? SQL Source Safe is one of the most elegant and simple products to use. Each database has a configuration setup form that allows us to tie the database to a SourceSafe project. Once we go through the initial setup form, that database is then connected to a Microsoft SourceSafe Project on the network. The SQL Source Safe utility will then present a set of buttons in the toolbar and modify the context menu for stored procedures so that we can check in/out stored procedure files. The script files in Microsoft SourceSafe are then synchronized with the stored procedure scripts in the database and a history of the changes is maintained in Microsoft SourceSafe.

To view a demonstration of this product and it's simplicity please click here: http://www.softsmartinc.com

for more information and for purcasing please email gidon7@hotmail.com

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