Help on Upgrading to SQL 2000 from SQL 7.0

Last Post 13 Jul 2004 06:03 AM by paul.sells. 0 Replies.
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13 Jul 2004 06:03 AM

We are in the process of implementing SQL 2000 on a new server, we have several databases currently located on an SQL 7.0 Server which we would like to move to SQL 2000. We would like to perfrom a dry-run first and copy the Databases to SQL 2000 without affecting the SQL 7.0 server to ensure our applications are functioning correctly before we cut-over.

I have heard about the copy database wizard but I assume if we run this our databases will no longer be available on the SQL 7.0 server as they are detached during the copy process.

Can anyone tell me the best way to achieve this, I have thought about copying the devices to SQL 2000 server and re-attaching, this will not bring the login's over and Im not sure if any other tasks need to be run against the Databases.

All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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