OS and SQL dilemma

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14 Oct 2007 09:46 AM
Hi All,
Have a little dilemma and it is this:
windows server 2000 SP4 running mission critical SQL 2000, due to our software provider Capita (Sims.net) I have found that i will need to update to SQL 2005 but at the same time I would like to also update OS to windows server 2003.
Problem is I have never done this before and so would like to ask what would best way to approach this:
1. update OS and then update to SQL 2005
2. backup whole server and detatch SQL database, rebuild to server 2005 then re-attatch database.

I am at the moment building a test server environment so i can test out both theories but only problem is i have only two weeks in which to sort. I know to some people with more experience this would be a relatively easy task to perform but as i lack experience in migration especially with SQL i just thought i would ask.
please explain in simple form as i say i have very little experience.

Thank you in advance.

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