Upgrading from 7 to 2000 using restore

Last Post 28 Jul 2005 02:18 AM by bodyshop. 0 Replies.
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28 Jul 2005 02:18 AM
Hi, I've been through a number of successful DB conversions from a source server running SQL7 to a new destination server running SQL2000, which when using the wizard basically does a detach/attach. however this means the source DB not being available during the detach phase.

In testing when restoring a SQL7 DB backup onto a different SQL2000 server, it converted it in place, giving the msg - Database 'imob_copy' running the upgrade step from version 515 to version 524. through to 529

Does this do the same type of conversion as one using the wizard. If so its a lot better for me as I won't have the downtime on the source DB

I'll try an update this soon, but everytime i add text it says I have a censored word...I clearly haven't


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