sp_vupgrade_replication(1) error runing while upgrading to sql 2K from sql 7

Last Post 31 May 2006 05:42 AM by satya. 1 Replies.
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12 Apr 2006 09:37 AM
OS = Windows 2K

I planned to upgrade to sql 2000 from sql 7.

There was replication on this box, was ran out of mind and started upgrading to sql 2000.

I was able to finish 1 to 17 script but at last i was getting error as :

error running : sp_vupgrade_replicaiton(1)

How to come out from this problem ?

Please advise.
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New Member

31 May 2006 05:42 AM
BOL states When upgrading to Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2000, you can upgrade servers in your organization one at a time; however, when servers are used for replication, you must upgrade the Distributor first, the Publisher second, and then Subscribers. Upgrading servers one at a time following this sequence is recommended when a large number of Publishers and Subscribers exist because you can continue to replicate data even though servers are running different versions of SQL Server. You can create new publications and subscriptions with servers running instances of SQL Server 2000, and still maintain subscriptions created in SQL Server 6.5 or SQL Server 7.0.

Check the compatibility of the databases that are being upgraded, they must be in 70.

--Satya SKJ
SQL Server MVP

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