Disaster recovery exercise

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05 Dec 2008 12:46 AM

scenario :
1) source servername B
2) target servername A

DR from source to target.

Will use the image or the ghost method to clone source server, its O/S, datafiles, everything.
But it is a hot clone, meaning the SQL service is still running.

Then apply the image into the target server.
Once this is done, start up the sqlserver service.

I suppose will have problem at this step, as the master database will be corrupted or suspect.

I intend to :
1) start the sql server in single user mode.
2) restore the master database using the backup file from the source.
3) followed by msdb, model database restore from the backup file of the source.
4) lastly restore all user databases using the backup file from the source.

Is there anything I have missed ? please advise what other problem I may have.
Thanks in advance.


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06 Dec 2008 04:27 AM


I am just guessing the worse case,,, because I am not sure what kind of utility the team who is doing the image will use.

So I am thinking aloud if it is a case of say copying method, copying it when the sql service is not shutdown, and applying the copy to the target. The databases will not be "consistent state". Perhaps it will be showing "suspect" ?

In such worse case scenario, will the sql server be able to start properly ?

Please advise again, as I need to prepare myself as a DBA in this exercise.


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