views problem after db migration

Last Post 10 Aug 2008 02:07 AM by SwePeso. 1 Replies.
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09 Aug 2008 08:15 PM

I had some DBs on one server and had to move them to a new server.
I use SQL Server 2000 and, to do that, I made a backup on original server and restored DBs on new server.
After that, views stop working and keep sending following message:

Server: Msg 4502, Level 16, State 1, Procedure Object Name, Line 4
View or function 'View or Function Name' has more column names specified than columns defined.
Server: Msg 4413, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Could not use view or function 'View or Function Name' because of binding errors.

What could be the cause, since I had not changed DB objects before backing up them?
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10 Aug 2008 02:07 AM
Did you create the views using

Are they indexed views?

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