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11 Aug 2008 11:37 AM
We have sql server 2k sp3a running on Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition
4 physical CPUs and 4 GB phisical RAM, page file is over 4 GB

we have option of adding eithtr 4 GB of ram or additional 12 GB, so make it total 8 GB or 16 GB

I dont want to go to crazy although 16 GB is tempting

I dont want RAM to be underutilized with only 4 CPUs is it worth installing 16 GB

Is there some balance formula of whats the optimal?
is there such thing as too much RAM?

p.s. we can not add more CPUs


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New Member

01 Oct 2008 10:00 AM
It all depends. Server 2003, Enterprise,can see upto 32GB of memory regardless of how much more memory you put into the box. With SQL Sever, it again depends on what version. The Standard version can only see 2GB (or 3GB if the /3GB switch is set). I believe the enterprise edition can see what the OS can see, but do not hold me to that. I would check the MSFT site, where they will tell you the amount for each version of SQL Server.

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