migrating sql2k-enterprise to sql2005-std not allowed

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20 Dec 2009 10:21 AM
A customer wants to move there app' from 2000 to 2005 for a licensing issue. The setup (all on 2000e) ... is a 2-node cluster, the second node having a second instance ('reporting') with trans-replication from node-2 default to 'reporting'. Additionally there was* a stand alone DR server receiving log-shipping from the cluster.

I say 'was'* as I've removed log-shipping, de-installed 2000 and installed a fresh copy of 2005-std & sp3 on the DR server. My vague plan is to use the stand-alone DR machine to re-build the app' on (with reporting), as an interim prod server. Then I can sort out the cluster without too much time pressure.

My question ... what's the best way to transfer the data, security, users, reporting and everything from node-1 to the DR server?


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