SQLServer on VMware

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07 Jul 2008 12:21 PM
I have two vm servers, one cloned after the other that are running sqlserver 2005 on win 2003 server. after cloning the second server, i went in and changed quite a few things including server name, anonymous user id, sqlserver servername, ip address. i disjoined the server from the domain and renamed it and then joined back again.

everything works fine. i have no problems accessing the servers from the network and their respective applications; however, i get a bizilion log entried in the source server's windows nt application log like this:


I get up to four of these puppies in my log. This as I said happens in the server where I cloned from. I should also mention that I changed a bunch of entries in the registry that were pointing to the original server in the cloned server.

Hope this makes sense to ya'll there. Much obliged for any and all help.


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