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Last Post 22 May 2008 01:17 PM by dbandee. 2 Replies.
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22 May 2008 05:11 AM
Does anyone know what is the db status during backup?
One of my jobs failes once a day because it runs one time during backup
i tried running this code during backuping up my db but no status changed
select [name]
, status
, DatabaseProperty([name],status)
, DatabaseProperty([name],status2)
, DatabaseProperty ([name], 'dbo use only')
, DatabaseProperty ([name], 'read_only')
, DatabaseProperty ([name], 'IsOffLine')

from master..sysdatabases
where [name] = 'SeparapipaDB'
New Member
New Member

22 May 2008 07:21 AM
i run
backup log log_file with truncateonly

the error message i am getting is
Executed as user: sa. Backup and file manipulation operations (such as ALTER DATABASE ADD FILE) on a database must be serialized. Reissue the statement after the current backup or file manipulation operation is completed. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 3023) BACKUP LOG is terminating abnormally. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 3013). The step failed.

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New Member

22 May 2008 01:17 PM
that is excatly my question: " How do i Ensure there was no other backup process on the db at same time"?
Is there a way to find it, is there like "db is being backed up" status?

NOTE: i run this command only for dbs in Simple recovery mode i filter dbs before dynamically building the statement

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