Named instance on a cluster

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25 Aug 2009 04:02 AM

I have a server with 3 SQL Server instances installed. This server has one default instance and two named instance.
I will have to move DBs from these instances to a SQL Server 2000 in cluster configuration. I have following doubts:

1 - Can I install named instance on a already created "Vritual Server" that has default instance?
2 - Can I create more than 1 SQL Group on a cluster environment so each SQL Group would hold one instance from old server?
3 - What would be the best approach to this problem?

I could not find anything about this topic on official MS docs.

Thanks in advance.

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25 Aug 2009 08:17 AM
When I started sql server setup from server3, it failed with following messages:

"The cluster resource failed co come online. If extended error information was reported by the clustering service it can be obtained from the event log."

After that, it reverses the setup.

"Setup is performing cleanup operations on cluster nodes and will exit once the cleanup is complete."

When I started sql server setup from server4 it worked fine, but when I try to move group, just disk, ip and name resources starts. SQL Server services does not start and becomes to failed status.

Any idea of what could be hapenning?


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