Archiving with msmdarch.exe

Last Post 15 Apr 2002 02:31 AM by Koby. 0 Replies.
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15 Apr 2002 02:31 AM

I tried to archive OLAP database with the msmdarch.exe command , because , I want to
backup my OLAP server by schedule throught the MSSQL , but , when i try to execute the msmdarch.exe , It works in the background ( Task Manager ) , but , It does nothing
in the CMD window , after execution it shows me the "C:\>" sign , and , thats it , and ,
that means that the process was ended.

After that i tried again , after coping the msmdarch.exe file from another location , but ,
even then it didn't work.

If you have any idea , Please...

Koby Asaraf
Aladdin Knowladge Systems LTD

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