need a sql query to tell me when users are logging in

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23 Sep 2010 03:08 PM
Hello there... I'm a total SQL newb, so apologies in advance.  I'm running SQL 2005 STD on Win2k8 R2.  Sql is the backend for our CRM.  I need to be able to run a sql query (or report) that tells me which users are logging into the crm and when (sucks, but the CRM doesn't do this) so I need to do it in SQL.

As a follow up question, i'd also like to know if there is a query that will tell me if a user is downloading data (i.e. a resume) from the database to an external drive.

Thanks so much!
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24 Sep 2010 04:07 AM
You can get current user's login time from master.sys.sysprocesses, no easy way other than sql auditing tool to tell who downloaded data from db if app doesn't track this.

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