Check database integrity task fails in maintenace plan

Last Post 27 May 2010 06:03 AM by Andrew Fryer. 1 Replies.
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26 May 2010 08:26 AM

All of a sudden the check database integrit task started failing on one of our Sql servers:
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.4053.00

Some of my reseach shows that others have had the same issue.
CheckDBCC works fine when run as a query.

Others have noted that this might be because the allow updates was reset to off (1)
I checked and mine is set to on (default value = 0)

Others also have said that this might be because affinity I/O mask, affinity mask were turned off (1)
Both of these values are on (0).

Another box with the same build works fine. The only server configuration that differ between the boxes is that the working boxes is that the clr enabled property is off (default) I have a hard time believing this should have anything to do with it.

The job and history logs are of no help.
Please help

Andrew Fryer
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New Member

27 May 2010 06:03 AM
I'm afarid there isn't any way help you with this as it will be something to with the specifics of your environment, which I would need lots of background info etc., my only suggestion is are you servers on exaclty the same patch level. I can only suggest you raise a support call for this.

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