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07 May 2010 06:52 AM
What is the difference between the new multi-server management feature and the existing Central Management Server? Can I upgrade my CMS server to R2 to get these new features?

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Paul Taylor, Microsoft, SQL Product Manager
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17 May 2010 01:27 AM
Thanks for the question, we'll cover on the 27th for you.


Paul Taylor
SQL Server Product Manager
Andrew Fryer
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27 May 2010 06:12 AM
Multi-server management (aka Control Point) in 2008 R2 is quite different to central management servers in 2008.
If you have used central management servers in 2008 then you'll know you can run T-SQL and evaluate policies against groups of registered servers and so on. The new Multi server management feature in R2 is about performance monitoring and so is more like an enhanced veriosn of data collection that we had in 2008. the wizard for this creates agent jobs and requires domain credentials across servers to work, also this stuff only works on r2 servers and not previous version. Final this new feature also monitors data tier applications which are another new feature of R2 and built into Visual Studio 2010
However central management servers can be used to register any version of SQL Server certainly back to and including 2000. OIbviously the policies and T-SQL you would fire at earlier verisons would need to be carefully written to ensure compatibility.

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